The Many Ships of Huckins

As you know from last week’s post, Frank Pembroke Huckins was always striving to create the perfect yacht. In this attempt, he and his company, the Huckins Yacht Corporation, were able to break through some huge milestones. Over the last 80 years, HYC has built a total of 457 yachts. Let’s take a look at some of the boats that put them on the map.

A Design to Launch 1,000 Ships


In the 1940’s having only previously designed yachts, Frank, like the rest of the country, turned his attention to World War II. He took a look at the Navy’s current Patrol Torpedo boats and decided he could create a better model. His first step was to create a balanced outboard rudder that would ultimately be used on PT boats and all postwar boats until the 1970’s. Then, using his Quadraconic® weight-conscious hull, Frank came up with a boat design that was used in the production of every PT boat made during the WWII era.

Bolder, Better, Faster, Stronger

It was in 1969 that Frank’s stepson, Kenneth Archibald, and the rest of the Huckins Yacht Corporation designed and built the largest sport fishing yacht. Measuring in at 80-feet, this yacht towered above of the rest. This record breaker was later purchased by ConSeaAir and named the Silver Queen. Huckins tackled their next record with the largest motor yacht in the US with a fiberglass-cored hull in 1976.

In the next ten years, Huckins designed and built a 50’ Sport Yacht with four outboard engines making it the largest outboard cruising yacht. The company also created and designed the largest yacht in the US to be powered by Arneson surface-piercing propellers in 1986.

Being the first not only in design but also in technology has made Huckins Yacht Corporation one of the best builders in the country if not the world. Be sure to check back next week for more about our favorite Huckins Yacht, our very own Silver Queen.