Open Your Children’s Eyes to the World

iStock_000004332028XSmallExpose your children to different cultures, food, music and ways of life. International commercial flights tend to be a hassle, with delays, added fees and long lines, especially with children in tow. Why not make it a quick and worry-free flight to your international vacation destination? On ConSeaAir charter flights passengers depart from a private airport, or FBO, that offer small parking lots in close proximity to the FBO, and without parking fees. Passengers then enter the FBO, bypass security screening, and walk out onto the tarmac where their luggage is placed directly onto the plane. Once on board, the aircraft is ready for takeoff. Let’s take a look at a few tips when flying internationally with your children.


iStock_000016849753XSmallTry and pick a country where you either know some people living there or, at least, know the language. International trips are a huge change for children, so it alleviates a lot of the stress if you have some form of familiarity. It’s even better if you know locals that also have a child to create a fun atmosphere and a built-in play date. Fly in and out of the closest FBO to local friends or family with our private charter flights.

You Know Them Best

If your child tires easily, it is best not to plan a hiking trip through the Costa Rican rainforest. Perhaps leave the more adventurous vacation plans for later. Try out ConSeaAir’s air charter service and try out a kid-friendly all-inclusive resort like Barceló Tambor Beach with Barcy Kids Club, a children’s playground and a zoo. This way you can slowly get them outside their comfort zone. Some children like to have predetermined schedule and others go with the flow. Nap times are a must for certain children and can be skipped for others. Keep these particulars in mind when planning your international family trip.

Final Tips for Your International Trip

Be sure to get passports ahead of time in order to avoid additional fees. Find out if shots are necessary for certain countries and get them well in advance. Finally, do some activities that are more adult-oriented, such as touring a plantation, and show your children that every activity is not always focused on them. ConSeaAir’s air charter service will get you on your way to less fuss and more quality family time.


Have the Best of Both Worlds

We tend to think a vacation must either be kid-friendly or adult-friendly. Why not have your cake and let your kids eat it too?! We have a couple of anytime vacation ideas sure to please adults and children alike.

Where Dreams Really Do Come True

Disney CruiseChildren want the Disney experience the moment they hear tales of this magical kingdom. The Disney Cruise Line is the perfect combination of childhood-dreams-come-true and adult relaxation for any vacation. Disney storytelling, video game challenges and trivia showdowns are a few of the Kids Clubs activities offered to the toddler, tween and teen groups. Adults can break away to the adults-only Quiet Cove Area, which offers a café, pool, spa & salon and bar. Multiple adults-only lounges, the elegant Palo restaurant and themed parties are other ways the Disney Cruise Line encourages you to treat yourself. Utilize ConSeaAir’s air travel service to get you and your family as close as possible to one of the departure ports and leave the aggravations of commercial flights behind.

Why Knott?

Independence Hall at Knotts Berry FarmKnotts Berry Farm, located in Buena Park, California, offers fun for the whole family. From the Native American dancing and storytelling, to the Calico Mine Ride, to a slow-spinning cabin in the sky, Knotts has it all! For the thrill-seekers in the family, La Revolución swings riders 64 feet in the air with inward-facing inverted seating and the Supreme Scream rockets passengers up an astounding 254 feet into the sky. Hop on a private charter flight this vacation and arrive to enjoy the array of activities at Knotts Berry Farm!

Flying on commercial airlines with kids is no easy task. Save yourself from the nuisances of struggling through a crowded airport while tugging your little ones along the way and inadequate space for you and your family to fly comfortably. The solution to avoiding the crowds and space limitations is to take advantage of our air charter service!