Stay Well on Your Next Business Trip

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Business travel can really take a toll not only on your emotional well being but also on your physical health. To keep you feeling your best, ConSeaAir has found some helpful hints to a happier and healthier business trip.

Drink Plenty of Water

While that may seem like an obvious tip, you wouldn’t believe how dehydrated you can become from all the traveling and stress. Amanda Cook, a business travel blogger, says not only will water make your skin look refreshed but it will also help keep your stress level in check. Staying hydrated also keeps your nose and throat moist, which helps strengthen your immune system. Not a big water fan? Stay hydrated with great alternatives like flavored water or nuun tablets.

Visit the Gym

Marie Stempinski, founder of Strategic Communication, suggests keeping up with your regular exercise routine. Taking a jog on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike in the hotel gym will help you improve your stamina, and aid in your sleep. Didn’t bring gym clothes? Then try these take-anywhere exercise moves from Biggest Loser star, Bob Harper. You can also take a quick walk around the block to feel refreshed. Make sure you also get up and move around during your flight to prevent blood clots. lists some great exercises to do on your next flight.

Go Germ Free

When you have a minute, wipe down your cell phone, laptop, tablet and other electronics you use for your trip. Fox Business advises readers to make sure to keep electronics fairly clean since you will be in constant contact with them. It also doesn’t hurt to carry around a travel size bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag to use before and after eating.

Pack Lavender Essential Oil

Amanda Cook also tells readers to carry a small bottle of lavender essential oil in their bag. Not only does the soothing lavender help reduce your stress level, but it also can be used as an antiseptic and a sleep aid. You can find essential oils online or in any health food store. When using the oil, remember all you really need is one drop, two at the most, on your temples or wrists. What are some of your tips to stay healthy on a business trip? Share them with us below in a comment.