Holiday Getaways and Weekend Trips

Holidays are the perfect excuse to take a vacation from your everyday life. Weekend trips or extended vacations are always fun! There are plenty of places to visit near Asheville, NC. However, it can be time-consuming researching the best travel options. Luckily we have some spectacular travel suggestions to lighten your load.

July 4th Celebrations

fireworksIf you choose to travel this 4th of July, consider taking a trip to Asheville, NC, where the city will start their festivities at 4PM in Park Square Park. The celebrations include live music, games and a variety of foods from different vendors.

Montreat will have a parade starting at 10:30AM, a barbecue lunch available for $10 and fireworks starting at 7PM.

North Carolina offers countless 4th of July activities. Click here to find out more.

Looking for something Fun for Thanksgiving

New York City is always a popular choice due to the fact that they have hosted the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® since 1924. The parade includes 50-foot balloons, spectacular floats and celebrity performances! Do you know that watching the giant helium balloons get inflated the night before the parade has become a New York tradition?

Union Square Holiday MarketWhile in New York there are a countless number of activities to do. You can go to the Union Square Holiday Market, where shoppers buy gifts from over 100 different vendors. Another suggestion is to try Holiday Under the Stars. The light show features a dozen 14-foot LED stars and more than 16.7 million color mixes in time to classic Yuletide tunes. Take a look at this full list of things to do in New York over Thanksgiving weekend. Consider the ConSeaAir private flight service and take off with a group of family or friends.

If you’re looking for a less traditional vacation spot, check out this list of 20 Thanksgiving destinations.

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Bahamian Getaway

Any holiday is a great excuse to escape on The Silver Queen to Crooked Island in the Bahamas. Aboard this getaway you will be able to go bone fishing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling and explore Bird Rock Lighthouse. Be sure to check it out on your next holiday or weekend getaway!

Adventure on the Open Ocean

Now that you’ve learned a little bit more about the Silver Queen and where she comes from, it’s time to learn about everything you can do once you step aboard! Below are some of the exciting adventures ConSeaAir offers.

Fight for a Fish

When you board the Silver Queen, the vast ocean lays before you, so it makes sense if you want to take a crack at these virgin waters for the fish fight of your life. Perhaps the elusive bonefish is your bounty of choice.  If so, our guides can take you to the Bight of Acklins, a perfect location for catching that fish. The Bight is a short run from the Silver Queen’s summer base of Crooked Island. Our guides will help you hone your skills to perfect your casting and assist you in your adventure.

If a bigger catch is what you have in mind, try a day of deep sea fishing in some of the best pelagic waters in the Caribbean. Catch big name fish like Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, King Mackerel, and Marlin. Choose which fishing experience suits you best.  Fish directly from the Silver Queen or take your local guide with you as you pursue your catch on our smaller console boat. We even offer a Silver Queen Deep Sea Trolling package where you can watch from the deck as the Silver Queen’s seven-line spread works to gather fish.

Explore A Whole New World

Birdrock LighthouseIf you want to do more than fish, try our Snorkel Tow Tour. A special feature of this Silver Queen tour is that it offers visitors a chance to be pulled across some of the most amazing reefs in the world. We offer two hour or four hour excursions and custom trips with local guides who will assist you as you spear your own lobster or grouper, or find a gorgeous conch shell.

Do you want to get off the boat and stretch your sea legs? Consider taking one of our expeditionary adventures. We offer a tour of the Bird Rock Lighthouse on Crooked Island. Built in 1866, it still stands stoically on a cay off Pittstown Point.

Have you ever wanted to see what Columbus saw when he arrived in the New World? Taking our tour of Samana Cay will satisfy your curiosity. This small, uninhabited island is much the same as it was when Columbus discovered it in 1492. We can pack a lunch for you take along when you enjoy this little piece of paradise. If you’d prefer sitting back and enjoying the scenery to actively exploring, we also offer the very popular beach picnic. Our guides will take you to find the best lobster and conch in the Bahamas. Lunch is then served on the beach with your fresh catch cooked right in front of you!

To plan the ultimate vacation aboard the Silver Queen, contact us today!

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Sail Away on the Silver Queen

SQIn 1969, Huckins Yacht Corporation designed and built the largest sportfishing yacht of the time. At 80 feet in length, this masterpiece was meant for something more than the ordinary yacht. After being owned by a major US corporation for a majority of her life, she was purchased by ConSeaAir.

Home Away From Home

The Silver Queen has seen numerous upgrades over the last 44 years to stay current with the latest yachting amenities. She is fully air conditioned with a large capacity water maker for long hot showers. The Silver Queen also has an updated galley complete with a commercial icemaker. Need to do a load of wash? There is even a complete laundry aboard. Also included in these updates is an entertainment system with speakers throughout the vessel, a large flat screen TV, and satellite radio.

For the fishermen, the Silver Queen’s aft section has a traditional fishing cockpit complete with a fighting chair. With a Master Stateroom complete with a king bed as well as two Steward Staterooms that have queen beds, you and your five closest friends have a place aboard the Silver Queen.

Ready For Action

The Silver Queen is the perfect home base for our Sea Services. While sailing around Crooked Island and Acklins Island, you can spend the afternoon relaxing on deck or try your luck Deep Sea fishing straight from the fighting chair. You can also stretch your sea legs aboard the Silver Queen’s 28-foot Jupiter center-console boat for bonefishing and snorkeling adventures.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the Silver Queen. Check back next week for an overview on all the activities we offer when you come aboard!

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The Many Ships of Huckins

As you know from last week’s post, Frank Pembroke Huckins was always striving to create the perfect yacht. In this attempt, he and his company, the Huckins Yacht Corporation, were able to break through some huge milestones. Over the last 80 years, HYC has built a total of 457 yachts. Let’s take a look at some of the boats that put them on the map.

A Design to Launch 1,000 Ships


In the 1940’s having only previously designed yachts, Frank, like the rest of the country, turned his attention to World War II. He took a look at the Navy’s current Patrol Torpedo boats and decided he could create a better model. His first step was to create a balanced outboard rudder that would ultimately be used on PT boats and all postwar boats until the 1970’s. Then, using his Quadraconic® weight-conscious hull, Frank came up with a boat design that was used in the production of every PT boat made during the WWII era.

Bolder, Better, Faster, Stronger

It was in 1969 that Frank’s stepson, Kenneth Archibald, and the rest of the Huckins Yacht Corporation designed and built the largest sport fishing yacht. Measuring in at 80-feet, this yacht towered above of the rest. This record breaker was later purchased by ConSeaAir and named the Silver Queen. Huckins tackled their next record with the largest motor yacht in the US with a fiberglass-cored hull in 1976.

In the next ten years, Huckins designed and built a 50’ Sport Yacht with four outboard engines making it the largest outboard cruising yacht. The company also created and designed the largest yacht in the US to be powered by Arneson surface-piercing propellers in 1986.

Being the first not only in design but also in technology has made Huckins Yacht Corporation one of the best builders in the country if not the world. Be sure to check back next week for more about our favorite Huckins Yacht, our very own Silver Queen.

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A Sea Story: The History of Huckins Yacht Corporation

Established by Frank Pembroke Huckins in 1928, Huckins Yacht Corporation has continued to be a leader in the yachting industry. Their goal is to create yachts that aren’t simply uncommon but positively unique. Huckins focuses not only on world-class craftsmanship but also on ultra-modern engineering to create “yacht perfection.” Let’s take a look at this company’s interesting history to learn more.

HYC Logo

From Yachts to PT Boats

Frank Pembroke Huckins, a native Bostonian, began designing and creating custom yachts in Jacksonville, Florida. While building boats, Huckins created the Huckins Quadraconic hull, the first true planning hull forms. In 1928, David M. Goodrich of the B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company bought the first of Huckin’s yachts.

When the US went to war in 1940, Frank decided he was going to build a better PT boat that would be faster than current PT boats even in high seas.  After competing in a plywood derby, Huckins Yacht Corporation was commissioned by the US Navy to build two PT squadrons. While he did not receive his due credit, Huckin’s design went on to serve as the example for how other company’s PT boats should be made.

All in the Family

Cindy Purcell, Frank’s granddaughter, now runs the company with her husband, Buddy. Though times have definitely changed since 1928, the couple keeps true to Frank’s vision. They have transitioned the company into the modern era with lightweight and fuel-efficient yachts. To this day, Huckins Yacht Corporation remains the oldest family-owned custom yacht builders in the US.

All of us at ConSeaAir are excited to own a piece of this company’s illustrious history through our boat, The Silver Queen. Built by the Huckins Yacht Corp in 1969, she is a great example of the company’s passion for creating the best of the best. To see more of Huckins Yacht Corporation’s history, please visit their website.

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Snorkeling For Beginners

SQ Snorkelers

There’s nothing that beats seeing vibrant reefs and colorful fish close up. A great way to see these creatures outside of visiting an aquarium is to go snorkeling. To prepare for your first excursion, ConSeaAir has great tips to make you a pro in no time.

The Equipment

Your first step is selecting a mask. Since the most important thing you should think about is the fit and comfort, you’ll want to go to a store to try on masks. Remember you want to be sure the mask should not allow any water to leak in so it must properly fit your face. When trying on the mask, Yahoo Voices suggests putting it on your face and taking a deep breath. If the mask stays on for several seconds or longer, than you have a perfect seal. If it immediately falls off, then you should try a different mask.

When it comes to choosing a snorkel, tells readers to go with a dry snorkel. This snorkel comes with a special valve that shuts off if it dips below the sea level thus keeping seawater out of your mouth. Also be sure you look at snorkels that are flexible enough to move if hit by unexpected waves. While fins aren’t really necessary for snorkeling, they do come in handy when you begin to feel fatigued. You can find fins in many different styles so be sure to try on different pairs before purchasing to find the ones that are snug but not too tight on your feet.

Practice Makes Perfect

Now that you have all your equipment, you should try practicing before going out to sea the first time. Go out to your or a friend’s pool and try swimming with everything on. Keep in mind that it will probably take a couple of tries before you get the hang of breathing with the snorkel. If you didn’t purchase a dry snorkel, you will want to practice blowing water out of the snorkel. Practice will help your body become used to the equipment as well as allow you to see if any equipment is faulty.

For more great snorkeling tips, visit Plan your snorkeling adventure aboard The Silver Queen. Please visit our website for more details.

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Catching A Ghost: Tips on Bonefishing

silver queen - bone fishing

Swimming around the flats off Crooked Island are some of the most premier fly fish in the world, Bonefish. While they are typically no bigger than five to 6 pounds, these fish require just as much skill and finesse as their bigger neighbors. To help in your next bonefishing expedition, ConSeaAir has found some great tips.

Seeing is Believing

Bonefish or “Gray Ghosts” are great at blending into to the flats thanks to their reflective sides. As Tom Rosenbauer, host of Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast, reminds his audience, it doesn’t matter how experienced a fisherman you are, you will have trouble seeing bonefish for the first couple of days on the water. Tom suggests looking through the water for shadows and indistinct shapes that are continuously moving.

Be the Bait

Imitation is key when it comes to luring in a bonefish. Once you’ve casted, fly fishing instructor Chico Fernández, suggests touching the tip of your rod to the surface of the water and then stripping the line until the fly line is straight. This will help you control the movement of the fly while it’s underwater. When you do move the fly, suggests making smooth and slow movements. If your movement is too fast or jerky, then you’ll most likely scare the fish away rather than lure it in.

For more great tips, read “Five Secrets You Must Know About Bonefishing” from the Orvis Fly Fishing Expert Articles Collection and “How To Catch Bonefish” from Ready for your next bonefishing adventure? Then come aboard our boat, the Silver Queen.


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