A Sea Story: The History of Huckins Yacht Corporation

Established by Frank Pembroke Huckins in 1928, Huckins Yacht Corporation has continued to be a leader in the yachting industry. Their goal is to create yachts that aren’t simply uncommon but positively unique. Huckins focuses not only on world-class craftsmanship but also on ultra-modern engineering to create “yacht perfection.” Let’s take a look at this company’s interesting history to learn more.

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From Yachts to PT Boats

Frank Pembroke Huckins, a native Bostonian, began designing and creating custom yachts in Jacksonville, Florida. While building boats, Huckins created the Huckins Quadraconic hull, the first true planning hull forms. In 1928, David M. Goodrich of the B.F. Goodrich Rubber Company bought the first of Huckin’s yachts.

When the US went to war in 1940, Frank decided he was going to build a better PT boat that would be faster than current PT boats even in high seas.  After competing in a plywood derby, Huckins Yacht Corporation was commissioned by the US Navy to build two PT squadrons. While he did not receive his due credit, Huckin’s design went on to serve as the example for how other company’s PT boats should be made.

All in the Family

Cindy Purcell, Frank’s granddaughter, now runs the company with her husband, Buddy. Though times have definitely changed since 1928, the couple keeps true to Frank’s vision. They have transitioned the company into the modern era with lightweight and fuel-efficient yachts. To this day, Huckins Yacht Corporation remains the oldest family-owned custom yacht builders in the US.

All of us at ConSeaAir are excited to own a piece of this company’s illustrious history through our boat, The Silver Queen. Built by the Huckins Yacht Corp in 1969, she is a great example of the company’s passion for creating the best of the best. To see more of Huckins Yacht Corporation’s history, please visit their website.