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About Our On-Demand Air Charter Service

ConSeaAir is a provider of private on-demand air charter service. International or domestic, one-way or multi-stop, our team of experts will create a custom itinerary tailored to your travel needs.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, no two trips are alike. ConSeaAir has access to a wide variety of aircraft suitable to each unique trip including jets, turbo props, helicopters, and airliners to ensure you have the best air charter flight experience.

Chartering a jet is no longer viewed as just a luxury – it’s a necessary tool for efficient travel. Private on-demand air charter service allows travelers to create a personalized flight plan that commercial air service is unable to match. When booking your trip with ConSeaAir, you receive a premiere travel experience at a competitive rate.

On-Demand Air Charter vs. Scheduled Air Service

The most important benefit an on-demand air charter service can offer is time-savings.  Private charter flights eliminate significant amounts of time wasted in commercial airports including airport check-in and security lines, boarding time, passenger loading and unloading, and time spent at baggage claims.

Chartered flights also offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling, routing and destinations. Not all business is conducted in major cities with accessibility to well-serviced airports. Charter flights allow passengers to fly into smaller, more private regional airports that are off-limits to major commercial airlines or hard to find flights into. Regional airports can give passengers the option of landing closer to their destination than a major airport.

Chartered flights allow passengers to avoid additional travel costs incurred during commercial air service including airport parking fees, baggage fees, and airport meals, as well as expenses incurred when an additional night’s stay is required to accommodate scheduled flight times. In addition, chartered flights provide a more enjoyable flight experience for travelers, eliminating the stress and inconvenience of traveling through commercial airports.

Lastly, chartered flights are a custom travel experience based on the client’s schedule. Flights are booked most convenient to the client’s itinerary, allowing a more efficient travel experience than a comparable trip with a commercial airline. On-demand air charter service allows passengers to cover far more ground in a day than traveling with a scheduled air service.

Convenience of On-Demand Air Charter

Passengers flying on a private air charter depart from a private airport, or FBO, that offer small parking lots in close proximity to the FBO, and without parking fees. Passengers then enter the FBO, bypass security screening, and walk out onto the tarmac where their luggage is placed directly onto the plane. Once on board, the aircraft is ready for takeoff. When the travelers are finished at their destination, the aircraft is waiting at the private FBO ready for its return trip.

Group and Team Solutions

ConSeaAir is a provider of individual, business, and group charters.

Whether arranging business travel, an incentive trip for employees, or a personal leisure trip, ConSeaAir’s team of private aviation experts will assess your needs and recommend the most suitable aircraft for your trip and budget.


ConSeaAir is proud to operate as the only private air charter broker used by NASCAR teams and organizations to provide shuttle travel to and from race destinations.  Those passengers not only include the drivers, but also their management, press teams, pit crews and support staff. Currently during the season, we operate at least five round trip flights on the weekends out of our East Coast office in Concord, North Carolina.

On-Demand Air Charter Safety

ConSeaAir is passionate about air charter safety, and only sources aircraft from operators that offer the most comprehensive safety and security in the industry.  All aircraft is sourced from operators who are members in good standing with aviation safety auditing firms WYVERN and also ARGUS.

The ConSeaAir Advantage

Our team of travel experts bring over 80 combined years of aviation experience to help you source the perfect aircraft to fit your travel needs and budget.

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your travel needs or to request a quote for private charter flights.